We are a graphic design & art direction studio based in Barcelona, by Iris Tarraga & Lucía Castro. Our methodology is simple: We listen to our clients, we understand their needs and we solve them. Our starting point is the concept, from which we extract the essence for generating communication, offering the solution best suited to each project. Our style is clear and direct, we take care of the balance and harmony in our designs, we use typography and color accurately, we believe in functional design.


Portraits by Salva López


Contributors. We have a wide network of partners specialized in their fields such as programmers, photographers, illustrators, industrial designers, interior designers, architects, production companies, among others, we adapt in a flexible and agile way to the needs of each project.

Awards. Silver, Laus 2015, Coordinated items. Bronze, Laus 2015, Coordinated items. Bronze, Laus 2015, Poster. Gold, Laus 2014, Corporative publication, catalogue, annual report, in-house publication. Gold, Laus 2014, Coordinated items. Bronze, Laus 2014, Coordinated items. Bronze, Laus 2014, Campaign. Silver, Laus 2013, Promotional item or self promotion. Bronze, Laus 2013, Periodical publication. Bronze, Laus 2012, Corporate identity for a small company.

Conferences. Blanc Bcn, The Diary of Blanc. Gran Chill Laus, Girls on Top.

Some publications. Start Me Up! New Branding for Businesses. Gestalten. Identity 2. Index Book. Illustrative Branding, Smashing illustrations for brands. Victionary. Page, Isuue 03.2015. Malen nacho Zahlen Inspirationsquelle Big Data. CitiX60, Barcelona, 60 Barcelona. 60 local creatives bring you the best of the city. Victionary. Computer Arts, Design Matters, Issue 218. Computer Arts Collection, Vol. 2, Branding, Computer Arts. Identity Suite, Victionary. Laus 2013, 43ª Edición. Laus 2012, 42ª Edición. Gallery the world’s best graphics, Vol. 17.

Exhibitions. DIXXI, Diseño iberoamericano XXI, Centro Cultural de España. Casa del Soldado, Panamá. Muestra de carteles protesta 7a Festa del Grafisme, Portbou y Barcelona. GravurCondensed, Centre de documentació la Panera de Lleida. La Immaculada, Centre d’art contemporani La Sala, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona.

Some clients. We work for clients in various areas such as After and After, Azul–Tierra, Blanc Festival de Disseny Gràfic, Brands & Roses, CCCB, CompactFMRG, Garlic Films, Henna Morena, ILEUD, Krowten Network, La Patente, ParkDivision, Principal 2 Films, Lados Magazine, Libros de Cabecera, Majoral, Malba, Martín Azúa, Momentum, Raul Ruz, Strata Bakery, S,C,P,F, Solvia, Trelsa Sistemas, Yaya Tur.