After and after
Branding, art direction and web design for After and after. It is an online store based in Singapore that specializes in home-ware and accessories like jewelry and leather products. It is defined as ‘Living should be made easy. Here at After & after we break down the arts and sciences of everyday life, bringing you the bare, minimum and essential. Design and functionality can co-exist and we’re all about that.’ The values After and after transmit are: young, attractive, friendly, elegant, reliable and urban. They are transmitted through a clean, dynamic, simple and rational design.

Client. After and after
Year. 2014

The language of the brand uses the combination of geometric typeface for the logo and the symbol comes from a handmade lettering. This combination strengthens the ideas of friendly and reliable. The symbol links the three ‘a’s to convey meaning and continuity of the name itself: After and after.