Design of the promotion pieces of the short film Alex produced by Escac Films. Starring Greta Fernández, Mónica López, Laia Marull and Txell Aixendri. Written and directed by Laura García. The goal is to promote the short film by transmitting its essence with the use of the pieces. This way, we aim to position it in the dramatic genre.

Client. Escac Films
Year. 2014

Using the focus, blur and spaced fonts associated with the profession of the biological mother (optical). This effect serves to transmit the situation of confusion and debate that is Alex, the protagonist of the film. The use of red color and black reinforces this situation of conflict and tension.

Alex was adopted at birth. Now that she has come of age, her biological mother has agreed to meet her. She has to choose between letting this opportunity pass or know her at last, striving to overcome the fear of loosing something precious on the journey.

Photography. Mike Pizzer
Type. Univers by Adrian Frutiger