The Diary of Blanc Newspaper
Editorial piece that arises from the campaign’s concept of the ‘Blanc Festival de Disseny Gràfic 2013: The Diary of Blanc’. This diary is a close narrative about the speakers where each of them shares their surroundings through a visual tour.

Client. Blanc Festival de Disseny Gràfic
Year. 2013
Awards. Gold, Laus 2014, Corporative publication, catalogue, annual report, in-house publication. Jury’s voice: ‘A great solution for a project that, whilst it lacks powerful images, hit the bull’s-eye with a fun concept’

This is a way of knowing them beyond their profession and that puts us in their day-to-day. We send a pack to every studio for the carrying out. This pack contains a booklet that explains the concept of the campaign and a single use camera, so the speakers can show us what fills them in their day-to-day, without conditions or a specific briefing.

The speakers are the ones who decide what to show us and how to display it.

The central sheet contains a location map of the different action points of the festival, places to eat, sleep and park, the schedule of the two days of the festival and a list of prices of the conferences’ packs. It is designed so that this central sheet can be removed easily so users can consult it in an agile way.

Photography. The speakers: Andreu Balius, Cruz Novillo, Entlo. 1a, Folch Studio, Forma & Co, Physalia,
Press Rec, Gif Me, Device, Microclima
Type. Helvetica by Max Miedinger & Eduard Hoffmann