Blanc Festival
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Graphic campaign for the Blanc Festival de Disseny Gràfic, located in Vilanova i la Geltrú. Despite of being one of the most relevant design festivals in Catalonia, we consider that it has managed to create a very close and relaxed atmosphere, allowing the speakers to feel free to explain and connect with the audience, beyond the profession.



We took this festival’s essence to generate the ‘Diary’ concept, in which the speakers become authors and narrators of the graphic campaign of this edition ‘The Diary of Blanc’. They were supposed to generate some of the graphic content with single use cameras. The speakers could find these cameras inside packs that we provided. They were free to show what they wanted and how they wanted.


Booklets delivered to speakers.

The packs contained cameras and booklets that explained the concept without setting limits. So we could put ourselves in their day-to-day, without intervening or conditioning, always respecting their privacy, since they were those who decided what to photograph. The fact of using single use cameras (analogue) allowed us to limit the number of pictures to 20; that all the speakers had the same technical limitations; respect their day-to-day privacy without the intervention of a photograph and restrict a previous edition or selection.

Photos by Cruz Novillo, Device, Folch Studio and Gif Me (left to right).



Posters. Photos by Andreu Balius, Cruz Novillo and Folch Studio (left to right).



Flyers. Photos by Press Rec, Forma & Co and Folch Studio (left to right).










Blanc Nit Poster. Photos by Gif Me.


Blanc Nit Flyers. Photos by Device and Gif Me(left to right).

Online. Web, newsletter & social media.

The layout is shown strictly from an informative point of view, narrates without intervening in the narration of the photographic pieces or in the information to communicate.


Type. Helvetica by Max Miedinger & Eduard Hoffmann.


Awards. Bronze, Laus 2014, Coordinated items, in the Graphic Design category. Bronze, Laus 2014, Campaign, in the Advertising Creativity category.
The Diary of Blanc Newspaper, Gold, Laus 2014, Corporative publication, catalogue, annual report, in-house publication, in the Graphic Design category.