Naming, branding, art direction, web design, packaging, social media and copy for ‘Flora’, an eternal plants online shop from Barcelona.
The brand synthesizes the coolness and nature in a little gesture.

Client. Flora
Year. 2014
Awards. Silver, Laus 2015, Coordinated items

‘Flora’ loves nature and wants to bring it into homes. In order to do just that ‘Flora’ has dreamt up a new experience offering a product that allows you to have plants that don't need your care or your time – making it easy for you to live with nature. They are fresh plants that will fill every day with colour and joy!

The design radiates the cool and casual personality of the brand. The fresh and energetic colours of nature inspire the chromatic range. Creating the copy based on the philosophy brand where nature is claimed for clueless people, holiday seasons or bedtime.

The frantic pace of the city, its tiny dark rooms and grey tarmac separates us from all that is green. Flora wants to fight back and take over the world with plants!

Every flyer explains the characteristics in a comedic way of every eternal plant, where you have to plant, the light, the temperature & the watering. We can handwrite the name of each one.

Plants that don't need space to brighten and cheer up your home.

We have a system so the clients can send personalized messages.

For shipments we proposed packs of cardboard that can be recycled with the brand screen printed in white. For the wrapping paper we use a seal with the mark that make a pattern could generate textures.

The web is designed with a back that allows control over product stock and manages all the comunicacion with the clients. The web is adapt with all devices.

Grow your own indoor garden!
Visit floraindoor.com for eternal plants.

Photography. Products by Raúl Ruz & spaces by Ampi Aristu
Type. Calisto MT by Ron