La Patente, the school of everyday life
Branding and art direction of La Patente, a place where workshops are held. It’s defined as the day-to-day school: non-professional workshops on issues of our day-to-day life like cooking.

Client. La Patente
Year. 2013
Awards. Gold, Laus 2014, Coordinated items. Jury’s voice: ‘A simple, direct and fresh design, just like the school's workshop style’

La Patente is a new space dedicated to creative and gastronomic learning at the center of Barcelona.

La Patente gets back to classical values such as: handwork, naturalness, health, creativity, participation, collaboration in the development, and learning. At the same time the brand mixes innovative and current details.

Slow, imperfection of natural things and the usual experience are some of the concepts that the identity breathes. Sober typographies are mixed with typographies based on ‘hand script’, as well as with handmade illustrations.

Illustration art direction. The illustrations required watercolor to convey the slow concept and the handmade imperfections valued by La Patente.

Gift package design. It contains the workshop info and a ceramic bottle as a present.

Calendar and newsletter of the various workshops of the school. Each workshop has a representative ilutración workshop.

Type. Barbedor by Hans Eduard Meier. Brown by Aurèle Sack