Branding for Numbered a selection of objects designed by Martín Azúa; unique pieces, numbered editions and commissioned objects that explore a new functionality which includes emotional and conceptual aspects.
It is a project with the aim of being kept in a controlled production as quality issue, a connection with the local environment, personalization, and exclusivity.

Client. Martín Azúa
Year. 2013

The typography and the ‘hand script’ are the essence that transmit the ‘author’s piece’ concept. These two (hand script by Martín Azúa and sans serif) when together are used to remark the idea of handwork. That enhances the personality and uniqueness of these limited edition pieces.

Martín Azua says: ‘We propose special objects which establish relationships between tradition and innovation. We defend the culture of doing as an essential value to preserve the diversity of the material and technological culture. The ideal users of Numbered are people who understand their possessions as a collection and know very well the reasons why an object can be special’. Kàntir de verano. Design by Martín Azúa. Serie limitedto 250 units.

Magma Rug. Design by Martín Azúa. Made by Antonia Molina. Murcia. Serie limited to 750 units.

Design of the products cards. These cards are editable with hand writing. With this form it’s possible to mark the model, color and units (the information about available units is important because it defines a productive context and brings the value of being singular back to objects). This system makes the product more personal and unique like Numbered products.

The tag is designed with a dry stamp to give volume and texture.