The quick corrupt politician
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‘The quick corrupt politician jumps over the lazy society’ is the protest sentence that we made for the ‘GravurCondensed’ exhibition organized by the ‘Centre d'art la Panera’.



The order consisted in making a sentence about the crisis and the situation of today's chaos with a typography made by us.


Type. Tocho Font by P.A.R.
Copy. P.A.R.


Exhibition. GravurCondensed, March 10 to April 15, 2012, Centro de documentación la Panera de Lleida.
Participants. Andreu Balius, Pilar Cano, Iván Castro, Marta Cerdà, Jordi Embodas, Iñigo Jérez, Laura Meseguer, Xavi Palouzie, Josep Patau, Júlia Solans, Albert Trulls & P.A.R.
Behance. Pantone Canvas.