Branding design, naming, signage and packaging for Strata, an artisan bakery based in Barcelona. Based on the analysis of the cake’s artisan production, made with the meticulous superposition of multiple ingredients, we drew out the identity concept: the layers.

Client. Strata
Year. 2011
Awards. Bronze, Laus 2012. Corporate identity for a small company

Naming. The briefing’s condition was that the name should be phonetically easy to pronounce in Catalan, Spanish and English. We thought about the terrestrial stratus of the nature, which is the primary power source, to represent the concept of layers. ‘Strata’ is a set of stratus (layers of the Earth), so it is reflected in the naming both the method of the cake’s artisan production and its natural ingredients.

All cakes that Strata offer are made daily, following a natural process artesnal igredientes no additives or preservatives.

The wide chromatic range chosen for the identity, which is part of the colours used for the ingredients, contrast with the different recycled materials of the packs and with the product (and sophisticates the graphic identity at the same time).

For some communication pieces, such as letters, papers and envelopes we use the same color range and differents stamps.

We propose a system of adhesives for some applications that allowed us to represent the concept of the identity: layers. This concept is visible if the adhesives are applied over one another.

The menu are made so that each of the pages overlap and relate them to each other to the layers concept.

Type. Johnston by Edward Johnston