The Diary. Bookzine.


An exhibition piece, a visual narrative of what happened in The Diary of Blanc. This book collects all the analogic photographies taken during the last Blanc Festival campaign in 2013, many of which, have not been published before. Some of the sketches done to see and prove the viability of the project, some others while recording the open titles, as well a selection of some photographies taken by some of the speakers, the main essence of the campaign.


Chapters. Chapter One, Test. Chapter Two, Studio locations. Chapter Three A. The plants. Chapter Three B, The meeting tables. Chapter Four, The speakers.

Special thanks to all the studios: Andreu Balius, Bisgráfic, Cruz Novillo, Device, Entlo. 1a, Folch Studio, Forma & Co, Gif Me, Physalia & Press Rec.

Limited edition. Din A5, high quality digital print on Fedrigoni’s Century Soho Sirio 270gr. White ink. Fedrigoni’s Freelife Cento 100gr. inside. Binding milled with cloth spine.