Branding and web design for ‘Trelsa’, a company specialized in both design and manufacture of electronic and corona treatment. The values the company transmits are: experience, strength, and professionalism. They are transmitted through a clear, direct and forceful graphic. The corona treatment is an applied treatment on plastic materials so they can be printed.

Client. Trelsa
Year. 2013

The brand is the result of a treatment on plastic surfaces that generate printed parts (treated) and other non-printed (untreated). This way the brand is given volume and similarity to the malleability of plastic. Also, it has been designed to be easily marked on the industrial machinery of Trelsa.

We developed a functional Web’s architecture and design in order to ease the understanding and accessibility of the different product’s levels.

Type. Helvetica by Max Miedinger & Eduard Hoffmann
Web Developer. Domingo Santana