Yaya Tur & Astrágalo’s in Azul–Tierra
Branding and art direction for the sculptor Yaya Tur and communication for ‘Astrágalo’s’ exhibition in Azul–Tierra gallery. The goal was to make Yaya Tur’s work known and place it in the luxury art market.

Client. Azul–Tierra & Yaya Tur
Year. 2014
Awards. Bronze, Laus 2015, Coordinated items. Bronze, Laus 2015, Poster

s/t. Lost wax casting. Brass. 2014. it’s a part of ‘Astrágalo’ series. Yaya Tur working in his atelier.

For the logotype design we based on Yaya Tur’s method. We hand drew the logotype to be as unique as his sculptures.

For the logotype design we began from the traces of the drawings of Yaya Tur’s method which we digitized to be unique as his pieces. The mixture of italics and round characters show personality, dynamism and sensuality just as the shapes of his work.

Package and wrapping system for the different pieces of the sculptor.

Azul–Tierra is a shop and gallery where Toni Espuch propose amazing furniture, textiles, artwork and aroma selections is like a box full of feelings and treasures.

‘Astrágalo’ exhibition invitation. Instead of ink we use a emboss. The paper we used had a texture like the sculptures.

Yaya Tur press kit for Azul–Tierra where the sculptor and his work ‘Astrágalo’ are introduced. Brief-back, we thought it would be appropriate to synthesize it as a fold out poster: The exhibition poster, the editorial piece and the CD to send by postal mail.

Type. Sabon by the German–born typographer and designer Jan Tschichold