P.A.R is a design studio based in Barcelona. We design responsibly, providing lasting solutions and avoiding the need for constant redesigning that involves unnecessary consumption, so our projects are as long-lived and sustainable as possible.

We are comfortable with projects that seek to generate the least environmental impact possible, aligning with our values and philosophy. We design for both large and small companies. Our close relationship with clients is one of our strengths: it lends authenticity to our projects and allows them to run smoothly and interference-free. Our way to do is organized, effective and on time.
We are mindful and responsible: that is why we have been proud over the last couple of years to belong to One Percent for the Planet, an international organization whose members contribute 1% of their annual income to environmental causes. Their mission is to "build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet.” We have worked for different clients from individuals to small and big companies, institutions and brands:
Ajuntament de Barcelona, Antoni Arola, Azul–Tierra, Blanc Festival de Disseny Gràfic, Brands & Roses, BUM, CCCB, CompactFMRG, Editorial Planeta, Elisava, Etnia Barcelona, Garlic Films, Henna Morena, Jordi Canudas, La Patente, Libros de Cabecera, Majoral, Martín Azúa, Milan Iluminación, Oleander, Oriol Balaguer, Palmira, Puig, Raúl Ruz, Real Stories, S,C,P,F, Solvia, Simon, Strata Bakery, Vergés, Yaya Tur, and many others…
With almost nine years, P.A.R have some graphic design awards and recognitions
La Patente P.A.R ADG-FAD Golden Laus
Coordinated items. Jury’s voice: ‘A simple, direct and fresh design, just like the school's workshop style’
The Diary of Blanc P.A.R ADG-FAD Golden Laus
Corporative publication, catalogue, annual report, in-house publication. Jury’s voice: ‘A great solution for a project that, whilst it lacks powerful images, hit the bull’s-eye with a fun concept’
Flora P.A.R ADG-FAD Golden Laus
Coordinated Items
Colorful Winter P.A.R ADG-FAD Silver Laus
Self Promotion
Yaya Tur P.A.R ADG-FAD Bronze Laus
Coordinated Items
Yaya Tur P.A.R ADG-FAD Bronze Laus
The Diary of Blanc P.A.R ADG-FAD Bronze Laus
Lados Magazine P.A.R ADG-FAD Bronze Laus
Periodical Publication
Strata Bakery P.A.R ADG-FAD Bronze Laus
Corporate Identity for pimes
Consultancy, Editorial Design, Corporate Identity, Art Direction, Print Production, Web Design and Development are our main services.
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