Diabla Catalogue 2021. Graphic Design & Editorial Concept

This project could be expressed as a journey through extreme landscapes around the world. In order to develop it, we had to adopt a methodology that would fit in with their way of working and this is how this editorial piece was born.

Diabla Catalogue 2021 - P.A.R

Diabla has a very characteristic narrative language, in addition to the peculiar way of expressing their brand through the image and the sensations of using their products.

Diabla Catalogue 2021 - P.A.R Diabla Catalogue 2021 - P.A.R
Diabla Catalogue 2021 - P.A.R Diabla Catalogue 2021 - P.A.R

The catalogue is divided into the four seasons of the year, which led us to play with different layouts referring to each of the seasons, with the aim that each of the layouts would transport us to the sensations that each season transmits and serve as a support for the peculiar images of this catalogue.

Spring, inspired by those landscapes full of colour, we were based on botanical books where the protagonist is nature itself.

For the summer, we rely on more contemplative, panoramic layouts mixed with handwritten annotations, like those postcards that were sent during the holidays.

Diabla Catalogue 2021 - P.A.R

The autumn section is characterised by the use of overlapping images, as when leaves fall to the ground, one on top of the other. Finally, for winter we were inspired by more rational structures, generating colder sensations.

Diabla Catalogue 2021 - P.A.R

Client. Diabla
Year. 2021 | Creative Direction &
Project Manager. Alejandra Gandía Blasco
Art Direction. Diabla Team & Hector Campos
Photography. Sonia Sabnani | Renders. MUT Design
Copy. Tachy Mora | Print. Nova Era